How to Create Asset Banners

Remark: This article contains affiliate links (read Affiliate Disclaimer and Affiliates and Partners for more information).

Banner Examples

Here is an example of an asset banner. Asset banners are clickable and lead to the asset in the Unity Asset Store. Consequently such asset banners are only available for assets listed in Unity’s asset store.

Process to Create Asset Banners

Here is the overall process. Detailed explanations to single process steps are available after this overview.

  1. First open the Unity’s Link Maker:!/linkmaker/1100lS3D
  2. Search your asset in Unity’s Link Maker
  3. Create the Links
  4. Select the Format
  5. Get the HTML code
  6. Paste the HTML code into your post

Steps 1-3: Unity’s Link Maker

Follow the link provided above and follow the instructions in the next image.


Please note that the provided link opens Unity’s Link Maker with the affiliate ID of xox interactive. If you want to do us a favor, just keep it. Thanks a lot in advance for that! 🙂

If you want to use your own affiliate ID, just enter your ID and apply. No problem!

If you don’t want any affiliate ID’s, just delete it and apply. You can still make and access the banners.

Steps 4-5: Get the HTML code

Just follow the instructions in the next image.

Step 6: Edit your Post

Just follow the instructions in the next image and that’s it!