How to Create an Account

Creating an account at Unity Asset Store Promotions is simple. All you need is a valid email address. In principle this is how it goes:

  1. Select a username and enter your email address.
  2. Confirm your email address
    1. This activates your account
  3. Reset your password
  4. Login
  5. Edit your profile, if you want to.

The next section shows this process in all detail and with screenshots.

Go to the Registration Form now.

Create an account at Unity Asset Store Promotions

  1. Open the registration Form: Select the ‘Register’ menu item from the ‘Log in’ menu.

    01 Register Menu
  2. The Registration Form opens.

    02 Registration Form
  3. Enter a username and your valid email address. Click on Register.
  4. A screen with a confirmation about your registration request is shown.

    03 Registration Form Submission Confirmation
  5. You will receive an account activation email to the email address you have provided.

    04 Account Activation Email
  6. Click on the activation link. Or copy and paste the activation link into your web browser.
  7. A screen confirming your activation will show up.

    05 Account Activation Confirmation Screen
  8. You will receive a password reset email.

    06 Password Reset Email
  9. Click on the password reset link. Or copy and paste the activation link into your web browser.
  10. The password reset form will show up.

    07 Password Reset Form
  11. Chose a good password – or use the provided one. Click on ‘Reset Password’.
  12. The ‘Log In’ screen will show up.

    08 Login Screen
  13. Enter your username and password. Click on ‘Log In’.
  14. The admin screen will open.

    09 Admin Screen
  15. You can go to your profile and add missing data about yourself. A profile picture is always nice to see. Providing your web address, facebook and twitter page may bring more traffic. But it is up to you what you want to share and what not.

    10 Profile Update
  16. You have to click on the house icon in the upper left corner to leave the admin area and see the website.
    1. Alternatively you can go to the ‘Media’ section to upload images.
    2. Or go to the ‘Posts’ section to create your posts.

Go to the Registration Form now.