How to Upload Images

It is necessary to upload images, because you need to have a featured image for every post. And in addition, readers usually prefer to see visuals in posts. Your chance to get them engaged will rise by using images in your posts.

Upload Images Process

Please follow this simple process to upload images for your posts.

  1. Open the ‘+ New’ menu, which is located in the top menu bar. And then select the ‘Media’ menu entry.

    01 Click New Media
  2. The ‘Upload New Media’ form will open.
  3. Click ‘Select Files’ and select the files you want to upload via the file dialog.

    02 Upload Images
  4. The image(s) will upload.
  5. After uploading click on the ‘Edit’ link located on the same line as the uploaded image.

    03 Open Image for Editing
  6. The ‘Edit Media’ form will open. Edit caption, description and alternate text for better SEO performance and display in the post.

    04 Edit Image
  7. Click the ‘Update’ Button.

Bonus Tip

You can delete images you uploaded in the ‘Edit Media’ form as well

Go to the Upload Media Form.