Featured Images

How to Set Featured Images

Featured images are the first images a reader of a post will see. The web site and search engines use them at various places. They are much more appealing to readers when browsing thru a list of posts – like on the home page. For this reasons, we require to set a featured image for each post.

You have to upload images, before you can set a featured image. How to Upload Images is explained here.

Set Featured Image for a Post

You have to set featured images while editing a post. The ‘Edit Post’ form has a entry field in the lower right corner named ‘Featured Image’. Just click ‘Set Featured Image’ and select an image from the uploaded images. The next figure shows the ‘Edit Post’ form and the ‘Featured Image’ entry field.

01 Featured Image
01 Featured Image

Featured Image Entry Field is not shown

If the ‘Featured Image’ entry field is not shown, it might have been disabled in the ‘Screen Options’. Access the ‘Screen Options’ in the upper right corner of the ‘Edit Post’ form and enable the featured image entry field. The figure above shows the location of the ‘Screen Options’ menu.