About Unity Asset Store Promotions

About Unity Asset Store Promotions

Use this website to


Unity Asset Store Promotions gives Unity3D Asset Developers a home, a community and – very importantly – a voice.

Use this service to make you and your assets be seen in the web.

You can create your account in a minute and post without moderation. You are productive immediately.

Get involved in the asset developers community. So we can learn from each other and empower each other.

How everything started

Unity Asset Store Promotions is a free service and provided by xox interactive. We are the creators of xDoc. xDoc is an asset for Unity3D. After publishing xDoc, we started to promote it via the available channels. But soon we recognized the shortcomings and the missing pieces.

Our research showed that pretty much everything is contained within Unity’s own channels. Either you are lucky enough to be placed prominently,.. or you are not. You don’t have much / any influence on the store. And even if you are willing to be part of Unity’s sales campaigns, you might not be accepted, because there are so many others in the pipeline already.

Unity’s own forums, some Facebook communities, Twitter and Reddit seem to give you some space for promoting your assets. But the outcome is mediocre. Besides they have their rules, which hinder you to run a campaign as you would like to. This is understandable, because they are all social media communities and in most cases have a different focus. Especially a pure web channel for promoting Unity3D assets was missing.

Unity Asset Store Promotions

And this is why we created Unity Asset Store Promotions: to change the current situation. Let us be your billboard in the web. Run your campaign as you like. Post again and again, if you want to. Try to lead traffic to your asset or your website. Do whatever you need to be successful.

We have of course a set of rules as well. But they are much better suited to your needs. Check out the site rules: Rules for Authors.

Asset Developer Community

Also consider to stay here for more than just your campaign. Share your know-how with other Unity asset developers. Or start a discussion or a brainstorming session about asset development and asset promotion.

And now…

Create your account now and start promoting your assets!

Also check out the How-To’s and FAQ.

If you need anything else, just let us know. Either post here or email to admin (*at*) unity3dstore.com.