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We have partnered with Unity in their affiliate program. There are many reasons for such a decision. But first of all and most importantly: All users of our website and products can put their mind at rest. Nothing is going to change for you – be it the price of our products, their quality and scope or our honest opinion on any topic.

Now what is this affiliate program all about? Let us answer it with Unity’s own words:

Unity is announcing a new Affiliate Program, which will empower the global Unity community to discuss and promote how they’re building their dreams using the Asset Store while earning commissions.

What this means is that Unity is willing to share their earnings. Isn’t this great news?

Being an Unity asset developer ourselves (see xDoc) there are even additional reasons to take part in the program. E.g. it will enable us to gather insightful, directional analytics when marketing our asset. So we can use our resources the best way.

Furthermore, Unity is our main development environment and we have gained and are still gaining a lot of experience with Unity, its tools and utilities. And as we also benefit from experiences, which others share with the community, we wanted to share our experiences as well. This is a part of our understanding how we should live together in the digital society.

And we also think that Unity is a great company! We respect Unity’s approach to democratize development and their support of indie studios. In this sense Unity’s and our view on the digital society match very well.

All in all, we would just like to support Unity anyway. And with the affiliate program such support becomes a win-win situation for Unity and us. Logically we joined Unity’s affiliate program.

In this context you might also want to read Unity’s description of the affiliate program (Unity Affiliate Program).

If you have still questions, please just contact us.

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