Unity Asset Store Promotions Rules

Unity Asset Store Promotions Rules

The rules for using Unity Asset Store Promotions are intentionally kept simple and low.

  1. In principle we just want you to be nice and respectful.
  2. Please, also stay away from crime or any unlawful activities and especially keep it away from us.
  3. And last but not least, we keep the right to take all measures to keep this service running and trouble away from us. We might not even debate it – the internet is not a law free zone and we have to face it. However, we promise that we try to be fair.

As long as all this is not misused we will try to keep this easy approach. Below you will find a verbose list of our rules. However, please notice that the rules and regulations linked under the ‘Company’ menu are in place as well!

Specific Unity Asset Store Promotions Rules

The following are NOT tolerated

  1. Discussions on political issues as well as grey areas including but not limited to; religion, race and sex.
  2. Posting pornography, graphic nudity, or overt sexual content.
  3. Topics totally unrelated to Unity assets.
  4. Pure spamming.
  5. Abuse, threatening or discriminating behaviour.
  6. The use of offensive language in any form.
  7. Discussions on pirated software or illegal activity.
  8. Trolling or off topic discussions.
  9. Hijacking threads.
  10. Posting personal information of any user.
  11. Posting of embargoed or NDA information.
  12. Posting of confidential sales information.
  13. Impersonate Unity staff/admin/moderator or any other community member
  14. Uploading videos. However, you can link to services like youtube or vimeo.
  15. Posting or uploading anything, you do not have the rights to do so (copyright, etc).
    1. In addition: By uploading and / or posting any content you implicitly give us the rights to use this content for this service.

Consequences of Breaking the Rules

Breaking any of these rules will result in an infraction and/or restricted access to the community, the severity of which is determined by the individual moderator. Break the rules again for any reason after receiving an infraction and you will be banned for a length of time determined by severity at any moderator’s discretion.

  1. Please note that if an offense is severe enough you may be permanently banned without warning.
  2. All moderator decisions are final.
  3. We will not delete posts unless they are spam, abusive or threatening.
  4. These rules are subject to change or amendment.

The do’s

  1. You must have the authority and rights to use and post the content you are posting.
  2. You must give us (Unity Asset Store Promotions / xox interactive) the rights to use your content on this site.
  3. You must give users of this site the rights to use your content in social media or other site. But that’s what you want anyway – people talking about your assets.
  4. You may promote your asset over and over again. However, please try to make each post unique – even if it feels a bit blunt. We might delete pure copy postings and bann the author, if used extensively.
  5. You can and should upload images.
  6. Every post must have featured image! – If everything fails, make a screenshot of your editor and use this as featured image.
  7. Category – Assign every post to the right category. Do not leave it under ‘Uncategorized’. You have to select one from the available ones. Feel free to ask for new Categories, if the available ones do not suffice.
  8. Tag – Tag your posts with relevant keywords. Just use any keywords or select from the most used ones.
  9. Stay on topic – If you want to change the subject, start a new thread.
  10. Be friendly and helpful
  11. Comment on other postings
  12. Add relevant titles
  13. Good spelling and grammar – Not everyone is a native English speaker and may not understand j00R L337 5P34|< or colloquial jargon.
  14. Report Violations – Use these rules to report any violations. Make sure you provide usernames and an accurate description. This is especially helpful in lengthy discussions.
  15. Spread the word
    1. Let others know about this service as well. Email, tweet, post on Facebook, Google, Reddit, etc.
    2. Promote posts: Link to or post links to Unity Asset Store Promotion posts in social media or other services.

Consequences of Breaking the Rules

Not complying with these rules can / will result in any of the following actions.

  1. The moderators will ask you to rectify the shortcomings.
  2. The moderators may edit your postings to raise their quality; e.g. like assigning a featured image or category. See this as a immediate type of support.
  3. Repeated low quality and not responding to the moderators demands may result in a ban.